City Heart Care Licensed Nursing Home

Total Nursing Care

Night Care

Personal Care/ Special Care

Taking Care of Daily Activities


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Ambulance Services

Private transport to and fro Singapore

In-House Laundry with Commercial Dryer

In-House Kitchen/ Fresh Food Guaranteed

Minimum 4 Meals a day

Vegetarian Food Available

Special Request Meals can be arranged with In-House Kitchen no extra charges

​Clean Filtered Water

Alkaline Drinking Water Provided

With/without Aircon at no extra charges

​Reasonable Fees

Rehabilitation Service

Rehabilitation Care


Chest Physio and Oral Suction of Phlegm​


No.17, Jalan Paya Manis, 

Taman Johor, 81200 Johor

Bahru, Johor, Malaysia

Tel: +6016 - 771 7199

Office: +607 - 234 8899​


Addressing the negative reputation of nursing home

In the past, old folks or nursing home often carry a negative impression associated with unfilial children leaving their elderly parents behind, poor living conditions and bad quality of health care. The mindset is shifting. We are seeing ageing population across Asia with individuals planning for their own retirement and looking for their own nursing homes. In fact, the ones that came to us looking for nursing homes are the filial children. Our customers actually compare the quality, service level and suitability of environment, and enquiring their own parents’ views before deciding on the one, as they want to ensure their parents are properly taken care of. In City Heart Care Centre, we strive to create an excellent, serene, clean, green environment with quality health care for our residents. Residents are here to recuperate, recover and engage socially.

How City Heart Care Centre can help?

It can also be an extreme challenge for an individual or family member to turn caregivers immediately, as there are multiple responsibilities to manage as a parents oneself, business owner or pursuing a career. Often, caregivers have to sacrifice one of the role to cope with caregiving. It is also difficult without the necessary technical nursing care expertise or physical and mental strengths to support the various level of care required. A nursing home will be a good alternative, where we can provide you or your loved ones with professional nursing and caregiving care. Let us help you.

Our Facilities and nursing services

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JOHOR BAHRU Nursing Home LoCation

Skilled Nursing Care

​​​​24hrs Loving Care

Doctor Consultation Service

Monitoring of Blood Pressure, Pulse, Oxygen Level, Glucose Level, etc

Ryles Tube & Urine Catheter Insertion

Oral and Nasal Suction


Nutritional Food and Non-Drug Supplements

Post-Surgical Care for All Type of Operations

Specialised in Post-Hospital Care for Motor Vehicle Accident under Insurance Claims

Well-Ventilated, Clean and Spacious Environment 

Quality services and attention assured

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